Ability to Remove an invalid negative rating?

Is there any way that I can get an invalid negative rating removed? This rating was acquired way before I took this seriously and I let it slide. Now I regret it as the negative reviewed has been questioned numerous times, effectively scaring my otherwise pristine sellers account.

If there is any way you can match the review to the original post you will see that i in fact never offered what the user wanted. Offered to help and he still gave me a negative review after assuring me it was OKAY. I can probably dig up the messages? I’ll take a look. Otherwise I have no way to prove he is in the wrong. Please refer to my most recent reviews, I think it justifies one non legitimate review being removed! :slight_smile:

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Most problems can be helped by contacting Support.

Mods do not come on everyday to check and thus it is recommended that everyone should contact Support first before leaving a topic here only if support takes too long to reply/problem unresolved.

As long the rating given was unreasonable and you provide proof in the request to support, it can be removed. Cases difer from every case so only Support can help you with that. Normal Buyers/Sellers will not be able to help as every case has different factors involved.