About Steam gifts. It is recommended? Is is reliable? Will someone get scammed after getting one?

Hey I have a question for all people out there. The thing is I want to buy a game (Dayz, Subsistence, Stranded Deep, Green Hell, Miscreated, etc) But there is no codes that I can buy, only steam gifts and I had a bad experience buying a steam gift that was revoked 2 days after I receive it and it was working well … So I am afraid of buying another steam gift obviously. I was wondering about this guys that sell Steam gifts but RU restriction. This guys really send the gift and you keep the game forever ? or the revoke the game after some time and you get scammed cause you have time to rate.?

I want to know if some of you guys have bought a game to one of this guys and still have the game, cause their prices are very good and their offers too, and that makes me doubt a lot more. Just curious

Also if someone have bought something from those guys and was scammed, we should join and do something about those guys to get them out of gameflip.

Thanks for reading and for your time.

This are the profiles of the guys I am talking about.

Hello. I’m seller of shop Captain Morgan. I dont scam and You can see my comments in feedbacks. Also, Vlad shop dont scam people. And besides us there are many sellers who sell Gift.

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If we consider the safety of keys and gifts, the gift is safer than the key. I personally sell both Gift and Key

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Thanks mate, sorry if I put in doubt your store or something… I just want to be sure if I want to buy something, as I explained in the forum I was scammed once with those steam so I was just asking if someone have bought something in your store or Vlad store you know … I am just careful. Sorry if my post is offensive or something, just trying to be cautious before buying


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It’s ok. It’s normal) Have a nice day)