afraid from being scammed

hello from 2 days i bought gta v steam gift and i recived gift then after i complete trans i told my friend he told me that steam gift may be revoked my doubts increased specially today he lowered the price of the game and his account ain`t verified so can any body tell me if he is a good or bad one cause iam afraid about my money

@MajorTom @DarkKnight

Just make sure to take Screenshots for proof if the seller tries to pull something. Is the game working for you right now?

yea i have screen shot and all is fine but i read many articles that gifts may revoked by fraud or by charge back so the game can suddenly being deleted specially his account isnt verified and new one and i didnt know that before but my friend told me that steam gifts may be revoked

That is true and could happen but never know. I have dealt with people that were not verified as it can be a pain to get verified and all went well. So you have done all the right steps to protect yourself on your end so just keep that proof and mods will surely help you if they try something. Though I’m not too familiar with steam gifting or if thats allowed and protected by Gameflip guarantee. Hopefully the mods can shed some light on the subject.

me too brother iamnot an expert in steam gifting so i took a step to ask and thanks brother for trying to help me

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No problem. Hope all goes well :sunglasses::facepunch:

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@MajorTom could you please say to me whether he is good or bad :roll_eyes:

Hello scaryman,

I suggest that you take screenshots of your game license history and game library, as we will ask you for all possible evidence showing that the game was indeed revoked.

Just make sure that your screenshot is showing your Steam ID and computer date/time. So, in case your game is revoked, you can send us a ticket explaining the situation and attaching your evidence

  • Log into Steam.
  • Click on your username (located on the top right corner), then go to Account Details.
  • In the Store & Purchase History section, click on View licenses and product key activations
  • Take a screenshot of the product key activations pages

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