Game Revoked, Can i still get a refund?

Hello, i just wanted to let you guys know about this seller “Ander GIFTS” He’s scamming people with his steam gifts, i bought a steam gift from him “Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night” yesterday and today the game got revoked. i opened up a ticket because i completed the transaction since i was able to redeem the gift but a day later it got revoked, mods please take a look a my transaction, can mods also contact the other buyer that purchased from him. thank you

My Code: C6CLHS
Order ID: 08cbfcb9-b8cc-44fa-a3a8-9ab83a436e84

Scammer Profile

Yes you can submit a ticket to support here

I did thank you

Hello Calvin_E!

Let me have a look :wink:

Just give me some time to verify your case ok.

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Hello Calvin_E!

We have responded to your e-mail and sent an e-mail to the seller.

God speed!

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