A game I bought on Game flip got revoked after a day of use

I purchased rainbow six siege from this seller.After I received the game he threatened me by saying if you give me a bad rating Im going to charge it back or if you take too long to rate ill still charge it back (I have proof).I tried the game out after a day and everything was going fine.So I decided to rate him the next day to because everything was going good the first day.Unfortunately as soon as I rated him,a few hours later when I log back in on steam it said product has been revoked due to failure processing payment.I got scammed.Please help me game flip,I’ve bought so many games from you guys and I’m a loyal customer.I really want to continue buying more games from you guys.I also have proof of the messages and game being revoked message.please feel free to ask me for anything that might help this investigation such as proof.

Have you created a support ticket already? If yes then post your ticket number.

If you want to use the forum’s support then go to the moderator’s profile and private message them your:

  • Invite code
  • Order ID
  • Screenshots/evidence of the game not working

327445 is the request number

Hello, you reported the user/listing. This isn’t enough.

Please, PM me and give me your invite code and the transaction ID so I can help you further.


I already did,please check the pms I’ve sent you already.If any problem persists or you cant see it please contact me.

my invite code is US7PR7

my order ID is 44168d76-1f68-4380-81a5-f3b863f8b24a`

hey i cant connect my phone number to my account it says it is blocked can you look into it please

my code is RCNV26

does this have anything to do with the topic or general discussion