Purchase Revoked

This morning i got a message saying this game was revoked due to problems.
what should i do?

Please contact Gameflip support with detailed screenshots of the seller you purchased from, the code and anything else related to this purchase / download. They will get back to you asap to resolve this problem. :slight_smile: Sorry this happened to you.

This is likely to be an issue with the seller. Please open a ticket for support using the Gameflip site or mobile app.

hi may i ask what gameflip did for you? the same thing just happened to me.

Please take carefull with items chepeast in that case of Players Unknow Battlegrounds or GTA V never will that price of $5 , $10 or $20 the publisher never had sold these prices, this is obviously scam, please take carefull with it.
And support please remove these itens and users.