Absolutely horrible compnay

This is the absolute worst company in history, all they care about is money, they could care less about customer support and more importantly the customer themselves, everytime there is an issue, no warning are given its always instant ban heres what you did wrong sorry you can be unbannes ever but what you can do is try to get it appealed,(fyi, going for an appeal is just" suspension is permanent" “due to the nature of your account, we cant do this”, the have no offer to help anyone at all. Because of this terrible service i have lost $85, and gave away a $85 item for free, if you think about it the company scammed me.

Im sorry to hear this.
Are you posting this to vent or shaming the company on there own forums?
If you have a issuse please use this link Here

Yelling at the company will not help your case.

They dont know how to help regardless

You have been warned to stop spamming the forums. Your account will likely get suspended here again. @DunnBiscuit @Tali

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Its possible to get banned with money? omg

Yes would it not be if ppl break the TOS.
Muti ppl got banned on console losing all there $ and games what would be the different on this site

Please read the TOS and try not to break them.

Maybe they shoukd give you a warning

Because i oretty much sold an item and made no money because i cant withdraw it.

Well the staff ask you to stop spamming but you keep making these posts, so I’m just going to stop replying to you. It was not your first time being suspended, on top of that you’re banned into 3018.

You’ve been warned. Your account was suspended again. Any other accounts will have the same fate.