Account Recovery

I have tried to contact support by email but I haven’t gotten any help. I made another account through my email to make this request. I had an account called ChaoticDGameflip by only using my phone number. I forgot my password and the reset password button does not send a link to my number.


How long has it been? Apparently only Support can help with that. They might be busy at the moment but they will always reply. Just send another message on top of the request you sent and write it is important if you need it asap. Below shows two requests I sent. As you can see, ticket ID from 566903 to 567320 within just a day which means 417 tickets has been sent.

They also need time to process all the requests etc.
I believe since you can’t access your account, you do not know your invite code so only Support could help you with only your phone number. (If it’s Linked)


Its been a good minute since I last used my account. I am able to request username and it texted me the username. It will not send a link to change password. And all right I try contacting support.

Alright, all the best!

You might have to wait a few days for a reply depending on how much tickets they received as they have to go through them one by one and verify what the ticket is about etc. So my advise is just to ensure all information is already in the request so they won’t have to ask you for additional information when they reply which is take another day etc.

Also just for reference -