Not getting password reset

So three days ago I decided to log back into my account. Needless to say I forgot my password.

I attempt to send the reset password via text and email and it’s been three days and nothing. I also started a ticket and on day 3 no reply. I went to Gameflip twitter to dm and got a question in a reply then ignored again.

I have my phone number. Screen name. Email address.

The only thing I don’t have is the invite code but entered one in and stated it wasn’t it as many forums suggested

I have literally done everything and can’t get a reply or help. Three days to reset a password blows my mind.

I assume this number in the bot email is my ticket number.


HELP @DunnBiscuit @Tali

I have answered your ticket, please try to reset your password and let me know if it worked now

Omg thank you! All is well and done.

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