Cannot reset password

Hello, I’ve signed up to gameflip yesterday so I’m struggling a bit. I signed up on my pc and transferred some funds to the wallet. Later yesterday I tried to sign in on the gameflip phone app but forgot password. So tried to reset password, I added phone number to reset it but nothing has been sent since yesterday. I’ve tried multiple times on app and pc but nothing. Please help

Did you contact Support yet? If not, you can do so and leave the ticket ID here.
You need to provide all the information in the ticket to Support.

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Hello thanks for your response, i created one yesterday about funds being transferred but that was resolved. I then added to it when I tried to reset password. #805244

Shall I create a new one specifically for the password reset issue?

I appreciate your assistance

Usually yes if it’s something different, it should be another ticket.
But since you added it into the ticket, then you probably don’t have to make a new one.

You will have to wait for a reply from support or from DarkKnight (forums)

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