Cannot Access Account!!!

Password reset WILL NOT WORK. So I tried forgot username and it worked the first time. Then I tried the same exact thing again, im talking about the forgot username, and the same exact thing I did a second ago didnt work this time! So now neither will the password reset or username recovery work. I had over 20$ on my gameflip account and I darn sure better be able to resolve this. Ive sold a whopping 2 items on gameflip theres no way ive done something to be banned because ive followed all the protocol. Ive received no email saying ive been banned. So why cant I access my account? Im thinking about contacting the better business bureau! Its extremely fishy that now I cant recover my account or do anything when I have CREDIT CARD INFORMATION saved on this site. That money will not be stolen from me. I can prove without a shadow of a doubt im the owner of the account. I have my social security number, my drivers license number. My address I mean anything you could need to prove myself. The funny thing is I dont even see my profile when I search my profile on the gameflip website. My username was StackChipsNGrip but funnily enough when I did the forgot username feature it gave me my original username which was Flip2MakeChips. TRUST ME, I have tried both usernames while logging in and account recovery and neither of them will work. I enjoyed this app/website until now and I have done nothing wrong. I spread so much positive messages about this site before and now that I think about it I was saying good things before I even ever withdrew money off of this site. Im wondering how that wouldve went. If this isnt resolved I will have nothing but BAD things to say about this site, and trust me I have a lot of influence on a lot of people. I have the email related to the account, all my credentials, why cant I access my account?! Ive submitted tickets and heard nothing!

Just wait until a Gameflip rep can help you out. Response times might be slower due to the holidays. If you have enough proof regarding your account, you should be able to get your account back. However, I think that Gameflip distinguishes each account apart using a profile code, which is displayed on your profile. If you are able to go into your browsing history, find a link to your profile from whenever and reply the code to the tickets you sent if you didn’t already do so. Otherwise, you just have to wait. If you didn’t do anything wrong, you should have no problem getting your account back as long you registered the stuff you listed here onto the site as verifying ownership. If you haven’t been able to find your profile code, I can try to help you find it.