I can’t log in to my account & need help.

I haven’t been able to log into my account for a while now. I changed my password recently but you keep asking me for a code when I try to log back in that you’re sending to a number I don’t have access to anymore.

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Have you contacted Support regarding it?

Was your phone number changed?
To update phone number, have to contact Support.
Best to contact Support first regarding your situation then put the ticket ID here or DM DarkKnight here with the ticket ID. @DarkKnight

How do I contact the support team an make a ticket? And thank you for the help.

In this link ^^^, sign in (Help center is a different account, you can create one) and make a ticket, then you will be able to see the ticket ID under ‘my activities’ like this example below

After doing that, VVVV