Account Suspended and Payouts Need Approval?

Hello, I was looking at my account and noticed that some of my listings had been removed and were now marked as “draft” rather than as being listed. When I attempted to return these items it said that my account was suspended. Also the payouts that I am trying to make are marked as “Needs Approval” though this could be due to the payouts taking longer notice. Are my payouts still safe and how should I go about being unsuspended so that I can get the items that I have on the site? Thx for the help.

PM your invite code to @op_JOkEr

This is a bit embarrassing but new to the community. How do you pm?

Click on this name

And then click on the message button. That’s how you pm

Thanks. I realized that I had not posted enough to have the basic permissions granted.

Thank you for the advice.

Happens to the best. Hope you get your issues resolved.

Thanks. There seems to have been quite a few people suspended. Just hope everything gets resolved.

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I’m also suspended like this.
I have $1400 in my account

@op_JOkEr my invite code is 27P5UD

Please help

I have $1400 in my account

Stop spamming all forum’s threads. Make a post or just pm him

we all are waiting… :slight_smile: don’t worry… I got the same problem.

Was it fixed on all of u?