Account suspended , no reason given

hey , im from algeria , since my region isn’t availale for phone verification , i used my friends number on the UK , which worked perfectly fine
i then wanted to verify my account ( to sell some rocket league items ) and submitted my selfie holding my drivers licence along with 2 photos of the licence ( front and back )
after verification , my account got suspended . i have never been told why or whats wrong.
i have been told to rectify my stuff and re-apply , but i dont know what to rectify to be honest .
Any help?
thank you in advance

Post your Invite Code, and the mods will help further. @MajorTom @DarkKnight


zebi kho jay tsr9 ?

nta dert verification ? @La_Mifa

Oui prq? Et Chkon nta?

derto bel id normal wala kharjetlak billing adress

manich jay nsre9 , jay nbi3 items te3i kho , ani n9der ndir verification b carte paysera w n9der nbi3 , bs7 matjihoch bli verifié , ida 3ndk 7al goulena sahbi

how can i get that

Hello ecstasyxbL,

Can you DM me your Gameflip email and phone number that was registered on the account?

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