account suspended with my money


please help me my account is suspended
please i want my money i have more than $60 in my account i am selling legit uv movies code .
then i selling original legit netflix 1 month from my credit card and its suspended.
please open my account or give me my money .
thank you

Were you selling accounts?

this is my email account i use on gameflip

i am selling many many movies code and i have good rating then i selling
netflix account .
when i try login my gameflip account i see is suspended .
please help me i want my money or open my account again

Have u messaged them through support to find out why u got suspended?

he say because i sell netflix i swear its legit with my credit card not
stolen and i say its valid just for 1 month.

please help me

The reason you got suspended is because you were selling a Netflix “ACCOUNT”. Accounts are not allowed to be sold on Gameflip under any circumstance.


please give me my money its for selling uv legit code.

Was it solved?

no its not sloved .
my money in my account and its suspended.

Oh hope u fix your problem

Unfortunately, due to selling accounts that seems hacked, I can’t unsuspend you at this time.