Actually block sellers

Is it possible to make people ive blocked not visible on the market place? I mean I know that’s not how it works as of now, but is it possible we could make that a thing?


For example, if I dont want to buy from this person, but his millions of posts is making it impossible to find anyone else…can we make it so if I block him his posts wont appear?


the design is just allowing you to block people leaving comments on your listing only as far as im aware…

Yea i thought about the same thing hope gameflip do something about it. There is some sellers who spam the same listing again and again and again and i want to ignore them but i can’t


I hate it when people comment under my listing ‘Overpriced’ yet they sell for a way more ‘Overpriced’ amount. Blocked them too but they are so annoying and keeps making same listings which is 0.01 lesser then mine because I blocked them. (Happened in the past) Would be good if I can’t see their listing so it doesn’t trigger me lol)

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Theres 100 reasons why if we block someone their posts should be invisible. Thanks for the support guys


Hello Maddie_Davis,

I’ll check the possibilities with the rest of the team and will let you know.



Thank you!!

Any word tom?

@MajorTom ?


Hey @Maddie_Davis,

Great idea!

We’ll make sure to pass along the suggestion to the team and see what we can do ok?

Stay tuned to future updates :wink:

God Speed! :trident: