Add funds pending, same with verification and refunds still aren't there...

Trying to add funds but they’re “under review”

Happened last week and then was canceled, but I haven’t gotten the refund yet.

Also awaiting my last verification to go through. Just would like to make some purchases. Any mods that can help would be great.

Not sure if I’m doing this right so any help would be great. I already did a ticket. @TheFuBar

Before you add some funds you will need to verify your account like verify it by using these ways below.

  • id card

  • paypal

  • credit card

if you buy with credit card you will need to verify that you are the owner of that credit card, If paypal you will need to reply their email they will send via gmail or whatever, if id card you will need to take a good pic with good camera holding your id card.

Hey Brandon27!

Sorry to hear about your issues :frowning:

Could you please provide me your invite code?

Also, just like adam_saber said, it is always good to verify your account. This way, the chances of ending up in review will reduce.

God Speed! :trident:

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Thanks for the reply @DarkKnight! @op_JOkEr

My invite code is JCUZVU

The problem I’m having now is it’s been 2 weeks since my purchases were canceled because I wasn’t verified and I still haven’t gotten the refund. It’s also been a week since that happened another time. So I have quite a lot of funds that haven’t been refunded to my Paypal yet.

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