Adding Funds failed the code HELP

So I was trying to add funds to purchase an item on rocket league and the pending transaction popped up in my history and the only possible thing that could be the code didn’t work and I ended up trying again then tried my ending 4 digits of my card and it of course failed so now what? Cause the funds add is still pending in my account…

I went ahead and just purchased the item through my card cause of this but now I regret doing that because it is also under review! I can however find a cancel button for this purchase but I don’t want to do that just yet cause it’ll make my next purchases take longer

This is my first day on the site btw so am I just really dumb and can’t find a cancel order button for the “adding funds” purchase I attempted to make?

And neither one of my purchases had a 4 digit code like they were supposed to and I was looking under my pending transactions I use Huntington bank btw idk if that has anything to do with it

If anyone can help I really don’t want to get charged twice trying to get one thing or make it impossible for newer purchases the ticket reply is so slow and I do NOT want these funds added I thought it would cancel since I messed up the verifcation someone help!! Lol

Sorry forgot to add I got the notification that said “Payment Verification: Unfortunately, your payment verification was unsuccessful. If you need additional help, please contact our support staff from the app or

Does this mean the pending transaction for the adding of funds will be cancelled? Cause it’s still in my account pending history atm