Any New Codes ?

Received the notification 2 minutes ago and already expired.

Only 100 uses

There’s no way 100 being used 5min after messages were sent out. The free credit event usually take 24 hours for all 500 entries to be claimed.

The codes are not being sent out to every person at the same time. They appear to be spread out and sent in a random order.

There are many cases where the code was posted in this forum well before I ever received it directly from GameFlip. There are also cases where I attempted to make a purchase with a code I received 1-2 minutes earlier, via txt, and found it to be “no longer active”. The same code then gets posted to this forum 20 minutes or more later. Then there are cases where, codes previously determined to be “no longer active” are active.

My determination is that finding a valid code has recently become more luck than timing.

Use code HELPER to save 20%, max $2.

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thanks just used and it got $2 off. Thanks

Edit: Seller cancelled the transaction and refunded in full. Code benefit lost due to no fault of mine.

AUG22 get 40% off max $3


Worked fine to save $3 Thanks

This still works for me. Thanks!

SPACESHIP for 33% off, max $3
Expires August 8th

Use code SPACESHIP and get 33% OFF max $3

How do codes expire so fast? Its always expired everytime :upside_down_face:

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Well I got that code 2 days ago :wink:

Use GAUG22 for 20% off video games (max 4 dollars) BUT be very quick…

Hi. The code SPACESHIP worked for me today.

Only so that no one wastes their time trying out the codes above: I’ve just tried them and they are all expired.

You have to be really quick most of the codes ran out in just a few hours.

I never seen any sites code expire this fast sometimes they are only a few minutes before expired smh

One was released earlier. Clicked the notification and it was gone.

20% off. Max $4