Any New Codes ?

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Any new codes?


pls pls pls new codes yay =D

christmas code $$

Use code FRIENDS to get 25% OFF max $3


Thanks worked just now

Use code ACD22 40% off max $4.

No longer active :frowning:

@goelsidhant92 Sorry to hear that, I don’t believe any other codes are working. But I’ll try to post as many as possible.

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Algum código novo

use ggd22 for 40%

I get the email alert on codes, but they never seems to work… even when I first receive the email. I’m hoping there is a code coming. I have a big purchase on GF and can use a little help.

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Same. I got the code at 11:48 EST & it was no longer active when I tried to use it at 11:50, literally 2 minutes later :joy: Twitter is really the best way to get codes because they’re posted there before being sent via text, notifications etc., but even with Twitter notifications on, I often miss out due to a minute or so delay :man_shrugging:t3:

Xmas22 JUST posted on Twitter

Notification pops. By the time I find the game I want to buy, the coupon is no longer active. And it is like, everytime. Sometimes I think there’s 10 coupons available, or we’re being totally trolled :frowning:

BR: A notificação aparece. Até eu achar o jogo que quero comprar o cupom já não está mais valendo. Direto. As vezes acho que liberam uns 10 cupons, ou que só estão trolando a gente mesmo :frowning:

GFD22 for 40% off on gift cards (Max $4).

No longer valid, had only been 5 minutes, dang.

Wow… that was quick. I think I shared no more than 2-3 minutes after I saw the notification on my phone.