Any New Codes ?

At first it showed no longer active. I tried again and got lucky after a few min. Maybe someone cancelled their order

Tried XMAS22 at the moment when the notification received… No Luck… Coupon expired.

any new codes ?

CELEBRATION to get 25% OFF max 4$

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Preparations lasted maybe 2 minutes. Tried as soon as I received the code via notification and already used up…

I tried using this code since i got the notification this morning but no dice…just me?

Use code TRAINING and get 25% OFF max $2

Code RJ23 .

no longer active

Use code FUTURE 25% off (max $3)


Use code M7NCPM9X and get 20% OFF max $2

Code expires in 48h, or until the Remaining Quantity of this promotion reaches zero.

Use code GGJ23 40% OFF (max $4)

Use coupon JOURNEY and get 27% OFF max $5

Code no longer active. Just received it an hour ago… and it says ‘A Coupon For The Weekend’

Did anyone receive the new coupon?

PD: The site is slow or down.

ACF23 to get 40% OFF (max $4)

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I did and was able to use it, but the site does crash often and become very slow. Probably a surge of people trying to use the coupon lol

Ya… the site is a mess. It’s also asking me to verify my account for the purchase to go through. I’ve already verified once before. If I have to verify again I probably stop using Gameflip. It’s such a pain in the a$$ to use sometimes and today’s sitewide issue was frustrating.

The site was broken so I couldn’t redeem the code, and now it’s gone. Thanks Gameflip. :+1:

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