Any New Codes ?

is it working or not anymore

Think it expired yesterday


Aight thankyou.

Any new discount codes?


Any code working today?


10% OFF

Code will be live for 48 HOURS only.
($5 Max)


ty bro!! <3

oh i can’t beleive i miss it. hope there is another soon!

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Folllow on twitter, simples !

Get 10% OFF… with code: HOLIDAYS2020
Max $10

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Thanks for the code :slight_smile:

Any discount code for new year?

You should have had notification of the latest promotion, spend $15 and get $2 credit. This is the promotions they generally do these days

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Happy Friday and Happy Valentine’s Day!
Celebrate this weekend by saving 14% OFF!
($5 max).

Use promo code VDAY21.

I swear I saw the promo banner earlier today: “Get $4 when you buy $35+” which started Feb 14, but I can’t see it any more - was I dreaming?

No, you weren’t dreaming. I bought a gc earlier today and got the $4 credit. But now it does appear to be gone. Thought it was good for a week. Must be one of those limited-qty promos. Gameflip hasn’t been as generous with promos lately. So I’d suggest not waiting next time one comes around.


Funny thing is GF doesn’t send any notifications about promos: in the settings I have " Community & Promotions - Occasionally, we notify you about a community event or promotions.", and yet I don’t recall ever getting such alert.

I guess updating this thread is the second best option - I see that forum allows notifications via forum

Hello @Speculator ,

Usually coupons are notified through SMS and to view the current promotions you can stay tuned through our twitter ( or visit our promotions link Buy & Sell Games, In-Game Items, Gift Cards and More - Gameflip.

Hope you have a great day!

God Speed! :trident:

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“” Aeralo

Jul '20

Hello @Lightwolf_1030,

All codes are given via Twitter or SMS."" How to get it via SMS?

If you have your phone number on your Gameflip account, they should send you promotions when they start.