Any New Codes ?

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New code pls?

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Unfortunatelly no new discount codes. Just cards sales for the USA users.
Hopefully they’ll add some discount code next week.

Code hit my notifications but I tapped the notification and didn’t get the code and now it’s gone. Was FLP6-somethin


Anyone else received this code?

hasnt been any coupon codes for a while D:

24 HR code!!
20% OFF (max $4)
Use code: MYGAME

Discount codes expire July 16,2021
**Very limited uses.


seems like gameflip listened :smiley:

No kidding. Already expired and it’s still the 15th! Disappointing!

Even I didn’t have the chance of redeeming it LOL

Hello, DarkKnight
Coupon is not active :frowning:

Also saw this on my notifications but went away as soon as I clicked and twitter is silent.

Yeah I tapped the notification too. Anyone got the code?

FLP6 is the code I just used it to enter the giveaway

Yes that’s it FLP6

Same. Was so annoying as you couldn’t find it on the app too

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Did anyone catch the FLP6 code earlier.are there more letters to it?

That is it. I remember.

i did but the same thing happened to me :joy:, i saw the notification clicked on it and bam i don’t even remember what the code was

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There was one or something sent to people today. Was a surprise code