Are we allowed to sell Black Ops4 Beta codes?

I’ve seen the guideline and it says The sale of accounts and beta codes is strictly prohibited on Gameflip . Doing so will put your account at risk for suspension. But i’ve seen like already 50+ sold beta codes sold of the Black Ops 4 throughtout last 2 days. Just wondering is it allowed here or not?

It’s not allowed here. Like other prohibited categories you’ll see people do it and then end up here complaining when they lose their entire balance. My advice (maybe not the best in this case) is stop selling now and cash out as your account is at risk for suspension. You may have trouble if you are new. The beta code portion has been around as one of their longest rules due to it putting them at risk and is a common rule among many gaming sites with a buy/sell/trade feature. (The gaming studios often don’t like seeing their codes sold and can take legal actions against the site.)

After that I’d contact a moderator here with your invite code to explain things if you wish to keep selling (and have something to sell other than beta codes). They might suspend the account, but that’s better than selling for a few months and then getting suspended when they aren’t as busy and notice something is up or someone reports you.

Lol chill. I haven’t sold any beta codes yet. I read the TOS before starting to sell. I was just wondering if it’s allowed or not but thanks for the quick reply. So should be report those people who sell the beta codes?

Sorry, I misread that as you sold 50+ codes. You can report if you like. I don’t personally unless they are spamming a category I’m trying to post other things in or look sketchy.