Are you a squid or a kid? Splatoon Discussion!

I am currently so obsessed with Splatoon lmaoo. Are there any other Splatoon players out there?

I’m currently B Rank and max level. My favorite weapons are Splattershot Pro, both Dual Squelchers, and .52 Gal Deco. I usually run Ink Saver (Main), Swim Speed Up, and Ink Resistance as my main abilities, and sometimes switch out to a Special Charge Up if I wanna be more aggressive with the Ink Strikes or Damage Up if I’m using the Squelchers.

What weapons are you guys loving so far? What do you think of the new maps? I frikin love Moray Towers haha. :joy:

I don’t have the game because I don’t have a Wii or WiiU but I’d like to play some day if I can…probably after I get a Wii/WiiU on this app at some point :wink:

YEAHHH! Hopefully more people will start listing and buying consoles for good prices soon in general

Well so far I’m not surpassed with the prices at this point. People are trying to get their money back and then some for stuff…but honestly the smart ones that want those high prices are adding game bundles to them…otherwise the consoles alone should be 400+ dollars after you bought it XD

One price was pretty funny, somebody was asking for a $425 console with nothing added to it and just a picture of the Price code thing…not even a picture with the PS4 in questions! Everyone was trying to bring down the price from the new comments section to something a bit more reasonable, but I just flat out said I’d do it for 50 bucks since I can’t see if their really is a PS4 in that picture…then it went down from the sight XD

I play Splatoon with the roller because I like the Barbarian feeling of smashing kids and squids. :smiling_imp:

Okay, now being serious, I like rollers to quickly paint the turf and I like the combat with these weapons too.
I like gears that boosts your speed and charges your special move quickly.
My favorite mode so far is the Tower one.