Asking for mobile verification even after verified and Couldnt list items anymore

I am very annoyed by gameflip login system. For few days I never received OTP to my mobile number to login into gameflip. Fortunately yesterday i did receive the OTP and listed few items for sale and even got some sales.
Today all of a sudden it logged out of my account and when after I login back and try to list an item for sale it again asks me for phone verification. And in wallet i don’t see FLP wallet which I used to see earlier.
And now comes the actual part…It asks me for phone verification when i try to list an item and when i enter the phone number associated with my account it says the phone number already is verified prompting me to enter another…I wonder how come this …I already had my id and phone number verified and why does gameflip asks me for phone verification again and say my number is already registered??
Though my previous listing have been getting sales I couldn’t post any new one and cant even access my wallet.
I sent several mails regarding this to gameflip but no reply still.
This has been my worst experience with gameflip. I urge gameflip team to look into and and resolve asap.
Thank you.
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Sounds like you have 2 different accounts and confuse one with another when you switch the login. Why do I think so?

If you received OTP, it means that account is verified, and once you’ve passed the OTP, gameflip won’t force you to do it again for while (like a month or so) on the same computer/browser.

On the other account, it asks you to “verify the phone”, which is not OTP.

Hello @gamer9989,

I have verified the account under profile code QYSL22 and everything seems to be setup fine.

Are you still having issues?

God Speed! :trident: