bad rating that still seems to me

order number ID 96cd289d-7c89-4f9c-9cf2-ec2c80a3416f

he stole material from me that was not for him - and I saw that he sold them later. anyway! I just want to remove that negative please


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My Code: 2ZM8GP :abrazos:

i have a yellow rate i think for no reason the guy just wait 25 minutes order ID 825935d2-e0f4-4ccb-ab0e-8732f337655a @DarkKnight

and this one the guy just wait 1 hour and put me a yellow rate order ffb96854-985b-4f26-b30e-60acf17245b9 @DarkKnight all orders i have says i have 24hours to delivery and i try to do in 20-120 minutes people waiting for 20-60minutes and just rate yellow or bad i don’t see the reason who people just do a bad rate just for wait 60 minutes