bad review from seller

So is it deserving to get bad review while i joined in 2 min, after inviting, when seller didnt messaged me nothing, when he placed his deal? I think, its totaly brainless. He dont even asked order id, lol. @DarkKnight ,can help with it?

Hey little_dog!

Sorry for the wait!

Could you please provide me your invite code?

God Speed! :trident:

this is my code, sorry, was in another country witout internet

Hey little_dog!

No problem.

I have verified your issue and removed the poor rating from your account :wink:

Have a good day!

God Speed! :trident:

@DarkKnight Hello. I have problems with this too i have some old negative feedbacks some left out of spite some for no good reason, I have almost 2000 positive and about 7 negative can you please check this situation for me too and help if possible? My profile code is 531HRU

Hey riotgiftcards!

Checking your issue now :wink:

God Speed! :trident:

Thanks @DarkKnight

@DarkKnight thank u, my old bad reviews from realy dumb kids, but i dont wanna ask u about removing em, have a good one<3

Hey riotgiftcards!

I haven’t forgotten you. Still checking your issue ok :wink:

Hello little_dog,

Please provide me the ratings you want to remove, so I could help you further as well.

God Speed! :trident:

@DarkKnight , if you can-those, pls.
also, can u say thanks for @op_JOkEr for this topic PayPal Temporarily Inaccessible

Bless u

Got you @DarkKnight Those old bad ratings are a pain in my you know what when i look at my account page. And the users were not right as far as i can remember.

Hey @riotgiftcards and @little_dog!

Sorry for the delay on these requests.

I was able to do the possible and reviewed each informed rating carefully. If there was a certain rating that was left on the account, it is because the comment on the rating was justified correctly by the buyer and I did not find any error/reason to remove the rating.

Have a wonderful day!

God Speed :trident: