Rating Removal (Poor)

@DarkKnight @MajorTom
I’d like to get a negative rating removed from an unprofessional buyer. The buyer bought 5 keys from me, and instantly after purchase the buyer messaged me twice nearly every minute. He stated then that he wanted 5 extra keys after waiting apparently ‘15 minutes guaranteed’. Once I was able to speak to him, I told him that I can cancel it if he wanted to, he asked that I invite him. Then swore at me, so I responded saying that I won’t deliver to someone rude, after waiting for him to calm down (spamming me messages throughout), I invited him to game, delivered the keys as normal (I have screenshots to prove), then rated me poor. I left a poor review back, detailing his errors and no profession.

U need to give admins transaction ID so they can look up

Provide Transaction id & Your Profile Code that way they could help

Completely forgot haha.

Order I.D: 85054835-a1ed-48f8-8dd0-71cfa105f7ff
Invite Code: GXUY5M

Hello Aurora,

After further checking this, I’ve removed the negative comment and rating.


@MajorTom Thanks!