Hey i got yellow rate for no reason

This is transaction ID:00e359d4-5608-47a0-81c8-57e28185e49d
Buyer activated code and didn’t reset his xbox so points didn’t loaded .

@DarkKnight @MajorTom

Hey @Ventoso,

I have removed the neutral rating for you :wink:

Have a great day!

God Speed! :trident:

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Thanks :smiling_imp:

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Can i removed my bad and neutral rates?

some are the time expired and the purchase expired people who don’t know how to rate and put a bad rate i have more then 2000 + complete sales my profile is SXW4W9

Hey @xJhopz,

Could you provide me the order numbers so I could help you out?

Also, each one has to have a legitimate reason for me to evaluate the order and remove the rating for you.

I want to help you out,but I need to have a more specific reason for each one.

God Speed! :trident:

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as you can see there is red and yellow rates because people wait after they buy 15-45 min, i mean in the sale says 24 hours and they just wait 15-45min and i get bad and neutral for that so no reason others for no reason they just give me bad and neutral because they just want i have a couple because sometimes i confirm the order because is about to expired but first i ask to the buyer if they want to cancel or if is ok if i confirm they say yes but i get bad califcation, i can’t enter in the sales for see the number order can’t click and enter in every order i didn’t ask for this because i don’t really know i can ask to an admin to erase a bad rate but bassicaly my bad and neutral rates are from people who wait max 45min after they buy and couple sales the time expired and gameflip cancel automatic and give me a bad rate too…

Hey @xJhopz,

One question…

On this order: 07f60b64-b415-4950-aa59-fd56234546b2, I can see that you set the item as shipped on 2019-09-28 and the user informed on the 2019-09-30 that they did not receive the item. This means that you are setting the items as shipped before actually delivering the items. You know this is forbidden right and that I can suspend you for this!? I will keep a close watch and if I see this happening again, you will be suspended.

Also, I have checked a few other orders in which this same issue happened and that is why I will maintain some ratings the way they are.

God Speed! :trident:

if you can label the person to deny this because if it is true the transaction is completed after 3 days have passed but just on the 30th I gave him his separate items after that he bought me again, if it is assumed that "no I gave him his items "how do you buy me again? I was writing to him at all times and he did not answer me in the same way I gave him his items and then he bought me again as you can see in the screenshot btw this guy buy a lot of time from me if you can see my profile that is true

and what happen with this case, the guy invite me in to his stormshield i drop the items and he was doing a stormshield with his friends i drop the items and he lost the mission then i confirm after 2-3 days he put me a bad rate and i pm him and he said he don’t get the items, but it wasn’t my fault then i invite to my stormshield and i give him the items AGAIN

Btw if u can remove the bad rate from me from his profile and mine please! i hope this clear all this situation