Removing a negative rate

I need support to help if u can remove this 1 bad rate on my profile Code: 774FPS
i thought we both have achieved an understanding to settle his problem as I willing to get him a new code as he showed me that got an error in xbox. agreed to wait it’s replacement after of a hour purchased been made. suddenly when i’m tried getting that he popped a msg & told it worked/redeemed at his other pc. I also just created the ticket. Please help thankyou

Yo Ukay2co how can I dm you I am Interested in Buying the rogue agent Bundle , couldn’t find a way to message you ,

Can you dm me on instagram or something ?? It’s @…

Hai you can click at my name here & may find message button or comment at any of my list

Dude I can’t comment on any of your listing I just created new account and there is no option to message that’s why I asked you here or atleast give me something to contact you dude Please

Can you please post a rogue agent listing for 9.50$ as you had it before Please I would like to buy it

You haven’t added me on IG it’s @…


im miltonvo, i ask about your contact for future busyness. can send me?

ok we can just contact on here. i guess you cant pm me aswell. letme

EDITED: The topic case has been solved. Any Mod can close this if see this. thanks