Banned - Unban please

Hi my account Kwenchy using the email was banned ages ago for selling outside the marketplace but please lift it.
I was selling outside the marketplace as i needed thee cash to start selling alot on gameflip as i needed money to buy tons of mats, i was warned so i stopped selling outside the marketplace… but then i got a message saying i was banned even tho i stopped selling outside the market place i even took down all my listings so that would help but i got a ban even tho i stopped please resolve this gameflip it has been ages since i could sell and i have learnt my lesson

Please post your invite code and wait for a mod to reply back
it being a new year celebration , they may be in contact with you at a later time.
I wish you luck but willingness to break / bend the rules/obligations required of both sellers and buyers shouldn’t be let go with a simple rap on the knuckles.

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