Help my accountt

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Phone number: +84975213900

This is the 3rd time I post, I need an answer
My account was approved, I was preparing to sell the next day, but I received a notice that it was locked because of the outside gameflip transaction, while I don’t sold anything, I created a support ticket. but they didn’t give me the answer and they closed it, i was feeling annoyed by the gameflip support team

It’s okay I think you did illegal thing that’s why you got Prem Banned.

I haven’t sold anything, why am I banned

If you advertise on Gameflip or tell people to buy from another site (outside of Gameflip), that’s a permanent ban. There’s no need to sell anything in this case.

did you try to sell outside of gameflip As TheFuBar Said?

@adam_saber I want all my pending orders cancelled, is there a way you can do that?

Sadly, i can’t do that yousafzafar because i’m not a mod but i will try to ask Gameflip to make me mod with them soon!

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