response from support

case number #473398

i wonder why support does not answer me on my case with banned account.
And to just say it i accept that my account is banned even its bs, i dont care about that anymore.

1 ban - conducting sales outside gameflip, no warnings. my friend got a warning from this a week before. i never did a sale on gameflip where the buyer pay with paypal but anyway.
MajorTom helped me out on this one

2 ban - Selling random bundles of modded guns for fortnite. Fine i admit to doing that. My customers kept asking for them because everyone else did sell them so thats on me for not reading enough rules.
apart from the other sellers i listed up the items in my bundles. and asked if they had any wishes instead of dropping them random guns. But i accept to be punished for this

2 days later another friend of me got a warning from the same selling random bundles, he have also been banned from gameflip before to my knowledge.

So for me it seems the punishes changes from who is doing the punish.

So i just forget about my 1k positive feedback, never a bad one except 1 troll.

The only thing i want a answer on is if they can send me my account balance or if they keep them.
tried asking support but they just close my ticket with no answers.


I think random Things are forbidden on gameflip :confused:

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