Need help asap ACCOUNT ISSUE

I just went to log into my account and I have a just found out I have a ban on my account,it says that I was selling random items,when I have done no such thing.i had an item I called modded gun boxes x5 and the customer would pick 5 modded guns out of my inventory,I even said you pick them,I get in game with them,I read them off my entire inventory and they pick out what 5 they want out of my entire inventory,it wasn’t a random thing at all,so I don’t understand why I got a ban for that.i have over 1500 reviews,and had orders to fill still,but I’m locked out.can a admin or moderator help me with this because I think this was all just a big misunderstanding,I’m completely aware that you are not allowed to sell random items and was not doing so,I have video proof aswell as regular customers that are willing to tell you I never sold them random items aswell.theres was nothing random about any of my listings,so can someone please help me with this.

Give the moderator your invite code or username in a private message so they can help you.

Who’s the moderator

7H7AW4 is my code ,I think I no what happened,it was just a misunderstanding ,can whoever the mod or admin is message me so I can explain

@op_JOkEr can u please help me out with this Misunderstanding?

u can just submit ticking and contact the support vi email they will mostly got back to ur in few hours

Already did that this morning and still haven’t got anything.ive gotten notifications from my buyers still trying to get there orders but I can login to see them or anything ,so they obviously don’t no I got temporarily banned and I have no way to tell them now, I just want to get this misunderstanding straightened out so I can get back to making myself and gameflip money lol.i do nothing but support this site and have a very good standing with the community and don’t get why this happened in the 1st place

i know what u mean i was banned for 7 day about month ago saying i was selling bata key even tho the key i was selling was for the full game as that game was already out, u should wait for email answer as its mostly take up to 72h

I think somebody just reported me or something and instead of really looking into it they just hit the ban button,or it was a mistake because I was following all the guidelines,TOS and everything so it really doesn’t make sense,over 1500+ great reviews and then all the sudden this happens,how did I get a 30day ban for something I didn’t even do and you only got a 7day lol.not that I should have gotten a ban at all but 30days vs 7 is a big difference lol.i just Wana get this sorted out,this is rediclious that I have yet to hear from any type of support,no emails ,and I’ve sent multiple,no forum help,no forum messages,nothing,and I pay for the membership that’s suppose to get you fast support :joy: could of had this sorted out by now if somebody would just talk to me about it

@MajorTom @DarkKnight

Hey FortKing!

Taking a look at your issue now :wink:

God Speed! :trident:

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I have verified your account and found that you were warned various times for listing random items.

One example of the items you were listing: “Bundle | Modded Mystery Box”.

Unfortunately, the suspension will be maintained and when the suspension is over, please specify in the listing name and description that the users will be able to pick the modded guns.

Also, when we receive a report, we verify the full report and analise the entire account before taking action.

In your case, you did not learn with the warnings, so you received a 30 day suspension.

Now, I can see here that you created an alternate account 21 hours ago, while you main account is suspended. This can count as a permanent suspension, as creating or accessing other Gameflip accounts is prohibited for the duration of this suspension.

I will suspend this alternate account and give you a second chance. If we find anymore alternates while your main account is suspended, you will be permanently suspended from Gameflip.

God Speed! :trident:

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@DarkKnight i did not have any random item listings up what so ever ,I got a warning last week sometime about a random item listings that wasn’t even a random item listings,but I took them down and did not post anymore listings like there have not been any random item listings up what so over for over a week,so that’s why I’m saying this is a misunderstanding and I’m asking that you please give me another chance,and that I can prove to u that I did nothing wrong,the only listings I had up were for customers to pick 5 guns that they wanted out of my inventory,and that was it,there were no mystery box listings,there were no random listings up at all,so can you take another look at my issue here or can we talk about this further and try working something out here because i was literally doing nothing wrong or again the TOS to get a 30 day ban like this.people are getting 7 day bans for actually doing stuff,why do I get a 30 day for something that is just a misunderstanding

Hello again FortKing!

You will be given a second chance, but if you do not specify in the listing that the users will be able to pick their weapons, you will receive the 30 day suspension and we will not lift the suspension for you anymore.

God Speed! :trident:

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Thank u very much,I will make sure that it is done,thank u for going out of your way to help me,it won’t be forgotten

Is there anyway I could have the 2 bad reviews I recieved during the ban removed.ive already been in contact with the buying and he reorder his orders and I’m giving them to him now,I just wasn’t able to deliver in the 24 hours because of the ban

Hello FortKing,

They were removed, as requested.

Welcome back :wink:

God Speed :trident:

Thank you so much,out of everyone that I requested for help your the only one that went out of there way to take care of me,you don’t no how much that means to me,thank you so much for everything,your a GD Legend

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Hey FortKing!

Thanks for the kind words :relaxed:

We always try to do our best to provide our users the best experience possible on the Gameflip platform.

Have a wonderful day :wink:

God Speed! :trident:

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Well I talked to multiple people and they pretty much just kept giving me automated responses and wouldn’t hear me out,but luckily they have someone like you that’s actually hands on deserve a raise and all the praise for making this platform great because it’s people like you that continue to make gameflip a great place for us all.thanks again for all your help,and I hope you have a great day