Best playstation exclusive(s)


The only consoles I’ve owned were Sony playstations (2,3), so I want to know what Y’all think were the best exclusives during that time. Personal favorites: InFamous(series), Demon’s souls, Uncharted 3(and 1+2, but less so), Metal Gear Solid 4, The Last Of Us, Littlebigplanet, and White Knight Chronicles II.


Uncharted 1-3, Last of Us, Ratchet and Clank, MGS 4, Heavenly Sword, and Heavy Rain


Horizon Zero Dawn is really hot right now.


I would go for Ratchet and Clank, as this one is the best series in all the third person shooter video game. I Use to play this game along with my PSN friends after I purchased online Playstation store guthaben 50 kaufen console subscription prepaid card from the official site of Press-start.


A little late but you could probably add God of War to this list now :sweat_smile:


Why is no one mentioning God of war 1 2 3 ? @Stormblessed417
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i would go for Horizon Zero Dawn, it’s a great game so far, and i like how the animation comes in the gaeme