What are some of the best ps4 games?

I just recently got a ps4 and I was wondering if you guys had any recommendations! I already have Arkham Knight, Destiny, Bo4, Watch Dogs and I didn’t really care to much for Witcher 3 so please let me know :smile:

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Since I don’t have a PS4 myself (hopping that the contest will change that though) I’d have to say that the Updated game releases for it like Last of Us and Skyrim would be my first choice. Both are good examples of games that did really well on the PS3 and only got better with time though story or what-have-you. Add on that they did an HD version of each game and it’s got the feeling of playing something nostalgic while also being able to play something new at the same time. Remember how we were in awe of Skyrim when it first came out? Well on the older systems, it can seem a little dated now, but it still very beautiful to look at. Now think about how modders were able to make the game even more beautiful with their skills and then take those results and put that on a PS4. THAT’S what we get. It’s not a huge difference, but at the same time it is…hopefully my ramblings make sense.

To answer your question though, Shadow’s of Mordor for the PS4 has to be a great game. I played a bit on the PS3 and, from what parts actually works and didn’t bug the hell out from the really poor downgrade they gave it, the game was masterful told in story and wonderful played out with their new enemy system. I’ve seen videos online of others playing it on the PS4 and it’s really amazing how powerful the system is to make such a dynamic enemy combat system that last throughout the whole game.


I had my eye on shadow of mordor, now I’ll definetly check it out. Thanks!

Well there’s only a couple more hours in the contest, start praying to Batman :laughing:

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Probably my favorite game ever, or at least one of the best.

Difficult, the combat system is beautiful, really awesome graphics, fantastic lore and it’s getting an expansion soon.

If you have played Dark Souls or Demon Souls, you’ll love this one, if you haven’t, you’ll love it anyways. At the beginning it’s a little bit frustrating, but you’ll get it after a few hours.

I think it’s the best game for PS4 yet, and it’s 100% PS4 exclusive, unlike The Witcher 3, Batman, etc.

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I had just picked up Bloodborne and so far… it’s my new favorite game on the PS4!

I’ve never played the dark souls series, but had to check it out since everyone has been raving about the game. And I can gladly say this was everything I expected and more.

It is definitely a challenge, as I’ve been throwing pillows in place of my controller, but once I beat the first boss the feeling of accomplishment is so rewarding. In my opinion, this is what gaming is about. Thanks for the suggestion

Yup, I bought it about 2 months ago and the experience is great. I don’t play as much as before, but I do pvp and it’s pretty great. Let me know in case you need help in the game.