Bitcoin cashouts

Where my bitcoin payout to the address 1AHmrcHkUBPbyK5C14Zh6EciQTYRrEXhJj ?
I waiting more than 10 hours after you sent notifications about approving complete.
2 times i got notification about that.

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I still getting notifications about “Your bitcoin withdrawal request has been received” but i waiting more than 12 hours already

One of the moderators will answer you in a few hour. They should all be asleep right now.

Lucy :heart:

but why it says “bitcoin withdrawal request has been received”
…i’m still waiting ((

Go to this link here
And tell me status of your withdraw, (pending/in transit/paid).

Bitcoins payouts are processed every working day at same time for me it’s 7PM-9PM (GMT+1).
Sometimes when BTC is unstable processing time is from 2 - 4 working days.


It’s going to be paid out today.

BTC payouts might take up 4 complete business days to be processed.

You may check more about this here:

Thank you.

“Bitcoin exchange rate will be determined at the time of when the payout occurs, NOT when the withdraw request occurs”
WHY? Its a joke?
Ok you make money on exchange rate?

so, in theory i can lose half of my money before you withdraw me right?

No, that means you will get exact amount as withdrawn…

ok…good… 'll see)

I’m curious about that, too. I lost hundreds of dollars on another site while they held the btc for 3 weeks

I have over 40+ btc payouts and I’v never received less than amount I’v submit.

All ok…btc is coming