Bitcoin Price on withdraw

So yesterday i did withdraw of BTC

As you can see on screenshot below BTC wasnt even worth 50k$ in last 24h but gameflip says was 53405.89 USD what is bs.

I already paid fees on withdraw and later when I did withdraw 809$ from gameflip and i got only 700$ to my BTC wallet so in total i got almost 100$ less.


saying price is 4000$ higher than it is for real feels like a scam.


Same thing happened to me today. 1 BTC is max 51500usd but gameflip currency calculated 1 BTC = 56500usd.I lost %10 of my money reason of this.


same with me. lost 100usd from a 1000usd withdraw

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Will there be an explanation from you guys finally?

Hello guys!

Once again, for any issue regarding Bitcoin, please contact the support team using the link below for them to verify ok.

God Speed! :trident: