Gameflip taking 9% additional in Bitcoin withdraw

So this is the transaction and you can check in the time BTC price was no more than $47,300
But they’re rating the price at 51,782

And they can’t say is a problem with rates 'cause if you check the withdraw option they rate the btc price correctly.

Come on guys you already charging (2.5% + $2) for btc cashouts. Don’t be like that.

@DarkKnight Please help.

Last week at one point they paid a btc price which NEVER even hit it that day. Where does the price come from? Their payouts DO NOT add up. DONT delete this post @Moderator stand behind it and explain yourself i think your community who does payouts via BTC deserves an explanation.

Hello everyone!

For these cases, please contact the support team using the link below ok.

They will be able to get your issue addressed.

Make sure to explain your issue and add any evidence you have :wink:

Hope you have a great day!

God Speed! :trident: