Bot trades questions

Are bot trades still working?
What are requirements for bot trades? Is there a minimum item value?
What games do the bots work with?

Hi mate,

It is still working. I know it is working for Dota and Csgo.
CSgo will have 7days trade hold on the bot before you can list them.
Minimal price to list each of the Dota/Csgo items will be USD0.75

Does it work for team fortress?
Does dota have a 7 day wait?

Thank you for your help

yes it does work for Team Fortress 2.
Dota doesnt have 7 days wait.

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There is no bot trade compatibility for Team Fortress 2. Apparently is a inventory limit for TF2 items so they ended the support. The only way to do bot trades or something similar is using the API. I haven’t figured out how to use API for TF2 items and gave up but maybe you would have better luck. Otherwise, you can list TF2 items but have to manually send the customer the item.

sorry both, i thought it works.

It used to work back then based on past forum threads. It is also a hassle to list TF2 items since it only lets you list items one at a time.

Thanks :slight_smile: