i traded items to the bot to sell but they are not available on for sell

the bot has them in inventory but its not listed for sale how do i get them back

Are they CS:GO items? The way GF handles the 7 day trade cooldown is by allowing coordinated transfer sales (you send directly to the buyer) or bot trade which will put the items in a draft state for 7 days until they can be traded. Once the 7 days is up they will go on sale or you can retrieve them.

they are tf2 items i traded to bot but they are not in draft

they are no longer in bot inventory either should i be concerned?
will they be in draft or on sale in a week?


Can you please send me via PM your invite code so I can check it and try to provide you further help?


what is a PM?

Private message.

how do i do that

You need to browse the forum until you get a “Basic User” badge, then you’ll see an orange “Message” button on the moderator’s profile. Or you could just leave your invite code in this thread.