PUBG Bot-trade items removed

I’ve noticed all of the PUBG Bot-trade items seem to no longer appear in listings and there is no section in that category for Bot-trades anymore. (Noticed it today when I found some expired PUBG in my drafts that could only be deleted.) Has GF made the decision that all items that were locked on the site are no longer refundable in any manner? I understand they can no longer be traded, but it would be nice to maintain some record of the items in the unlikely case they allow PUBG item trading again. I’d also understand why you’d just want to move on though. Mostly just looking for some clarity on the issue. Thank you for your time.

The item(s) should still be there, but you can’t list them (or no one can buy them) since they’re not tradable.

Formerly you could relist them and they could be purchased but not retrieved. Now there is no record of many of the items at all except a few I noticed were stuck in draft. I had quite a few still “On Sale” and no longer have any PUBG items at all On Sale. It was a recent change too which is why I was asking. It’s good they don’t have them listed anymore as I still had confused buyers try every so often, but I was just curious if any record was being kept or anything in the unlikely event they ever remove the trade ban. I’d understand if they sold all the items on the SCM to clear out the bots too.