trade ban PUBG!!!!

The developers of the game PUBG disconnected the exchange between people!

what will happen to my PUBG things that lie with the gameflip bots?

We should wait or gameflip answer, anyway more information here:

Bluehole/PUBG Corp. said it was temporary so I’d expect all the skin sites to wait for an update before they make any decisions. GF has always been good about making sure users don’t take losses for things out of their control. If they aren’t able to get you the items back they will likely issue refunds based on market price like they have in the past.

Im not worry about gameflip, is just suck to see that another game lock trading.

Just a heads up guys, this news caught all of us off guard.

We’re still assessing the situation and as soon as we have a position, we’ll make an official statement post here on the forums.

Thanks for your patience.

Sure but creating a real money economy and restricting control of that economy is unethical.

Video game economies shouldn’t involve real world currency or they shouldn’t be self regulated, the legal system just hasn’t caught up with this yet.

Also pubg and cs trade ban causing the h1 market to go up