I can't retrieve my items from the bot

Update: I managed to retrieve the items few minutes ago. I hope now that mods. would investigate this issue further and try to prevent it from happening anymore…Thank you :slight_smile:

I’ve been trying to retrieve my Early Bird Key back from the bot for hours now but i keep getting this error
“Item missing. See https://steamerrors.com/26
This happened to me with a total of 3 of listings today. I managed to get retrieve of them after few hours but i still keep getting the same error with this one.

I’d also like to point out that i tried purchasing and listing some of my items after this incident had happened and i could withdraw them without any trouble so i guess this issue is related only to this listing or specific trade bot.

For this specific error, please contact us via ticket if you haven’t done so already.

Send us every detail you have from your item so we can try to help you further.


@DunnBiscuit Hello, the same thing happened to me and I have already submitted a support ticket but there is no response. I have this issue with all of my items that I have listed and the one I tried to buy, and on the bot’s account the items say “Not Tradable, Marketable”. Thanks for you help

Are pubg items?

Yes they are PUBG items ticket no. 252695

All pubg items are not tradable anymore. Official Statement: PUBG "Personal Trades" Turned Off

Will we be reimbursed the value of lost items?

i just saw the official response so we must wait for pubg to decide now?

Yes, we have to wait on pubg what they decide, Is not fault of gameflip and we need just to wait now.


thank you a lot!

Any updates

also waiting for an update from pubg…if everthing goes bad, i hope gameflip had already thought of a way so we can get our item/s back one way or the other.