Item missing. See

I tried more than 20 transactions and all have the same error, i tried contacting your support but their reply was “sry for the delay in response, we hope the problem solved itself, if not please reply to this email” i replied several times and no one wrote back… i mean you reply to my ticket telling me that you hope the issue is gone by itself? Awesome support guys…

You have 1 hour lock on my funds for a certain purchase even if i get the : “Item missing. See
steamerrors,com/26” so basicly i can try about 5-6 transactions all with the same error and then wait for your idiotic system to unlock my funds… nice.

I would love a answer from one of the mods of this website explaining why your website is not refreshing if that item was sold or not and why every time i try to buy a item i get the : “Item missing. See” today i have about 10 attempts ranging from boxes for pubg to keys, to items, all with the same result : “Item missing. See steamerrors,com/26” .

Modified the link form the title cause “new members can only post 2 links in a post…”

PUBG items has been locked on steam, you are not able to trade them, user to user.

so no PUBG items can be traded on this site?

not only on this website

If all of your transactions were for PUBG then please note that the PUBG game developers disabled player-to-player trading 3 weeks ago. Did you mention that you were trading in PUBG in your email? Support may thought that it’s just a temporary Steam error.

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