Can't retrieve item ordered


I’ve got a problem, I order a h1z1 item, but cant withdraw it.
They said, Can’t connect to steam, please retry, i retryed, but not working.
Help me please =)

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Did you try messaging the seller?
Are you sign into stream?
Its saying possibly due to steam service being unavailable

Lucy :heart:

I don’t know why gameflip let people sell h1z1 items and pubg. Steam has announced that items retrieving outside of steam is not possible anymore, so that means You can not buy or sell anymore, just on steam market. There were people complaining on reddit, in very big subreddits with 100k + members… @DunnBiscuit . They also said Gameflip denied to refund them

retrieving works but I’m buying a new skins and the problem is back again…
@Vladislav_Todorov dont say ■■■■, we will always buy skins on gameflip and other site

I dont know. It just says it would never work to buy or sell outside of steam.

It works on many site, why did you said that?

A lot of people complain about that everywhere. It is not up to gameflip… it is up to steam, steam banned item trading outside of steam

any source? cuz i bought today skins (csgo) and sold some without any problem

I thiink gameflip has to restart bots cuz i cannot withdraw some of mine items as well. But in my inventory still i can trade them.

PUBG items were blocked by bluehole (developer of the game, not valve), about h1z1 idk.

Here is more like bots are offline cuz gameflip cant connect to steam account.

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I bought h1z1 item on different website and got it without any problem.

Here on gameflip is bot problem cuz i cannot withdraw my items as well, i’ve receive same error as op “failed to connect to steam-please retry” and have this error for last 2 days. some buyers wrote to me that they wasnt able to get items as well, same error.

I had this issue with 2/5 of my orders…nothing seems to fix the issue. Any idea of why this is happening…

Gameflip has to reset/update their bots. is weekend that why no one answer.

Okay…so they will probably reset the bots tomorrow i guess? hopefully before my order gets cancelled


Can you guys tell me if the problem persists today?


I just tried to retrieve my order again and im still getting the error

yes, still i have this error, is 3rd day.

I already contacted the responsible team about this.

They will look into this as soon they are available and as soon as I have more news from them I’ll let you know.

Thanks for reporting.

Hello guys, I was notified that this issue is now solved.

We apologize for the delay.

Thank you.


Now works :slight_smile:

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I need to talk to you ive had two accounts suspended and gameflip arnt responding! I dont know how to pm you so can you reply to this please! This isnt the suspended account this is a new one i had to make as it would let me message you