BTC Payout messed up.

I made 2x$3500 withdrawals yesterday. After fees it should be something like $6856 on my wallet.
Today I received both withdrawals and I got only $6385.
The difference is $471!!!

It feels like scam.

Yes I knew Gameflip had some hidden 2% fee for bitcoin withdrawals and if I withdraw $7000 I get $6720 or something. But this time the difference is way too much.


I’ve had this problem many times. And that’s why I lost hundreds of dollars. But there is no solution. They say they will find a new exchanges for months. But no results. They have been doing this for the last 5-6 months. It uses wrong btc rates when sending money. this site used to be a very good site. But no profit is made anymore from sales.I think they want us to go to other sites… Everything was fine up to 5-6 months ago. But now they use rates that bitcoin doesn’t touch at all during the day.

I for one don’t think BTC to be an withdrawal option anymore, I’ve lost all hope, they promised a fix but we haven’t even seen the slightest change in this problem, they need to provide a different and better alternative. @DarkKnight @MajorTom if your here please look into Transferwise, its much cheaper, faster and exchange rates are much better then payoneer.

It’s literally a scam, they’re stealing money from us. The worst thing is they deny that a hidden fee exists (7% in your case).
Other sites take their fee withdrawal and extra fee for the volatile price, but is clear and the amount that you receive is exact what it has to be.

They don’t give any answer. There is never a solution. They are looking for new exchanges last 5-6 months :slight_smile:

@DunnBiscuit @op_JOkEr

Hello guys,

As previously mentioned the situation is being assessed, with this new post I escalated it and I’ll try to give an answer as soon as I can.

@Turbo_Skins, the website is not owned by brazilians as you are saying, also, the company isn’t going bankrupt at all. Don’t say things you don’t know.

Also expressing political opinions, regardless of which view you have isn’t welcome since this is a forum related to a marketplace website.

Due to false sayings I’m muting your account here.

Remember, you have the right to express your complaints about the site and so on, but you don’t have the right to spread word of what you don’t know.

Thank you.


For all that have issues with BTC, please send me a PM with your invite code.


Many people have been complaining about this problem for months. why are you ignoring. You said you would find a new exchanges months ago. but you still haven’t done it. You are still using the wrong rates when sending money with btc. this is not fair. why don’t you help us with this anymore? :frowning:

No one is ignoring and this is isn’t a problem as you consider. The thing is that the rates may vary as previously explained and we are assessing the situation. As the support team told you through ticket, you may use other payment methods to fulfill your withdrawals needs.

The issue is escalated and whenever I have any news I’ll let you know.

Thank you.

So decision here is simple and only one: you giving missing money for everyone who had this problem. Convince me with any argument why you shouldn’t do that. I didn’t get any response from financial team of yours yet. But I see compensating missing funds is the only way to solve this situation for me. You can try to convince me there is another way to solve it.

Hello im having some issues with my payout, i send the money to my payoneer account but i didnt recive nothing, i lost $220??

Regarding your payout, we need to check what happened, but I can confirm you didn’t lose any money.

Please contact our support team for further help. Dm @MajorTom or @DarkKnight for that.

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Hey guys, whoever isn’t satisfied with the BTC rates, please send a ticket directly to the support team.

Please send a ticket through here:

The team will be checking every case. Send any evidence of loss you have so we can check it further.