Gameflip still sending bitcoins from wrong rates...

I did $2850 withdraw today. But gameflip sent $$2790 again… I lost $60 today.
When gameflip sending bitcoins it was $10230 around. Gameflip sent to BTC from (1 BTC = 10437.77 USD) currency… Bitcoin didn’t even hit $10437.77 today…

Please find a solution now…@DunnBiscuit said he was looking for a new exchanges. But still same problem…
you are using a stock market with wrong proportions. But Why do we pay for it? Every time? This is really not fair.Please find a good stock exchange as it has been for years.In my last withdrawal. I have been announcing this problem to you for 2 months. But there is no solution


It is always 2% hidden fee, 4% fee totally (2% mentioned on Gameflip and 2% hidden fee which they didn’t mention).

Yes you are right. I have been announcing this issue for months. but they found no solution. so many sellers went to other sites.


@DarkKnight @DunnBiscuit @MajorTom


As mentioned, we will are assessing this situation via ticket. Any concerns you have you may send it through there.

Meanwhile, you may use any other form of withdrawal to fit yourt needs.

Please don’t create other posts with the same subject like this one, if you do I’ll have to mute you here in the forums.

Thanks! And if you have any tickets, please send me via PM.