btc payout need approval

Ive payout my monry for 18 times before to the same btc adress.For a while i was withdrawing my money with payoneer…Today i tried btc again but it says need approval fo 1 hour.Please help me about this, i need it for getting new items.Ill be glad if you help quickly.
my inv code LCVC2Z

u will mostly need to wait tell tomorrow as its still Sunday and they don’t work on weekend

tottally i forget it s sunday .but I’ve never had a problem like this before.anyway
i ll wait.
there is nothing to do now

i know what u mean i never gad need of approval before myself tell the paypal problem last month then jts always asked for it for the first week after paypal was running again, then now it’s don’t and as i did notice if u wanna got a payout trow weekend u will have to wait tell Monday, and hopefully its will be approved today

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